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Technology advancements are changing the way that we learn and educate.

Education faces the challenge of staying current with best-practices in technology, while working with unpredictable funding cycles. Fixbuddie can deploy technology solutions that have meaningful impact on the productivity and experience of your students, teachers, and administration. We know in education there are high expectations. Our goal is to help our education clients focus on what their mission of educating and preparing our future generations.

From virtual learning environments to mobile collaboration, thoughtful alignment of new technologies to key outcomes is critical to maximizing investments and creating a difference in the quality of education. Fixbuddie can help educators implement highly-available, secure systems that give end-users the tools they require.

We focus on helping you identify and maximize the benefits of your IT resources. Our services focus on:

  • Strategic Assessment and Technology Planning

  • Network Design and Operation Management

    • Network Gateway Security Services

    • Local Area Networking

    • Wi-Fi Networking

    • Network Access Control

  • Systems Design and Administration​

    • Backup & Disaster Recovery

    • Enterprise Storage Administration

  • Cloud Services

    • Office365

  • Hardware Procurement

    • Desktops, Laptops, Chromebooks, Mobile Devices

    • Servers, SANS, NAS Devices

    • Routers, Firewalls, Switches, WiFi

    • Printers

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