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IT Services

One Size Doesn’t Fit All.

At Fixbuddie, we recognize that every company is unique – and we love that. We don’t think that cookie cutter solutions are the right fit for every organization, so we tailor our solutions to adapt to the unique requirements of each individual customer. Just know that we’ve got your back, we want to see you be successful, and we’ve got a toolbox full of solutions to help you do so.

Most managed service providers deliver only what the agreement states—nothing more. At Fixbuddie, there is no “business as usual.” We don’t wait to be asked to do something and we aren’t afraid to tackle the tough stuff…especially if it means making your job a little easier.

A Higher Standard.

We staff with high-end, experienced resources, allowing us to complete your work more effectively and make better decisions from the start. Utilizing lower caliber resources or overseas resources may yield better-looking proposal numbers, but those resources seldom translate into project success. Lack of empowerment. Lack of reporting. Lack of progress. They all equal big problems.

When anyone on our team sees something wrong, they have the authority to do something about it. We’ve got smart people on task…right from the beginning. Problems get fixed. Quickly and for good—so the same issues don’t keep cropping up.

We quickly analyze, prioritize and tackle the ones with the greatest positive impacts. Our tech experts are efficiency bloodhounds, sniffing out the next improvement or automation to get the job done right, right away.

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