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Top 3 Technology Fears that Keeps Small Business Owners Up at Night

As a young child you probably were kept up at night by what could possibly be lurking under your bed, however now as a business owner there is an excess of technology related fears that keep you wide awake. You have so many other important roles that technology solutions shouldn’t become a stressor and wake you in the middle of the night. In this post, we explore the top 3 technology fears that keeps small business owners up at night and offer some tips on how to eliminate those concerns.

1. Backup and Disaster Recovery

Whether its weather related, a power outage, server crash, or any other data disaster it’s incredibly important to have a disaster recovery plan in place. Without a one, it can be crushing to an organization. Losing your data and having to rebuild can result in gratuitous downtime and be very costly. It’s important to build a Network Management Plan out that includes an annual disaster recovery review. It should contain important information such as where your data is currently being stored and where is it being backed up.

2. Security

It seems like we live in a day and age where there is always a new cybersecurity threat that rears its ugly head. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and they are now heavily targeting Small Businesses because of their lack of security prevention. Having a solid security plan in place can help eliminate those risks. A lot of cybersecurity risks come straight from malicious emails. It’s best to find a solution that can help with e-mail gateway security. One solution, is to have a strong firewall system in place. SonicWall is a leader in that solution and can protect your server from malevolent content. There is so many options that it be best to sit with an IT professional to go over the exact protection that you need.

3. No Strategic IT Plan in Place

One of the most common items we hear is that an organization doesn’t have the time or resources to build out a strategic IT plan. Now, that’s what keeps us up at night! This is no fault to any company because it’s understandable how limited time is. It’s recommended to find an MSP that can help guide the process by listening to your company’s technology frustrations, learning more about your current environment, and processing what services you need.

In conclusion, as adults we know that monsters are not real and are not using under your bed for their accommodations. However, as adults, what truly is keeping us up at night is making sure our company is successful. Sometimes, while not intentional, technology can be overlooked. Not to solidify the post but it can become very problematic if you don’t have the right technology components in place.

At Fixbuddie, we have solutions that can help eliminate those technology fears and make sure your IT infrastructure runs smoothly so you can sleep well at night.


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